This puppy is about a month old and was rescued from someone who was going to drop her on the side of the road.

This precious baby, who has been named Luna, was rescued recently by a local non-profit when they were alerted to an advertisement for a 'free puppy' on a Lakewood sales page. The post stated if someone didn't come get her within an hour, this puppy would be dumped.

(Photo from Pitties & Pals)

Pitties and Pals, a non-profit rescue group, knew they had to help her so they took her to an ER vet that night who said the dog was just dehydrated and had a hernia that could be fixed at a later date.

Sadly, that wasn't true at all. The following day when the rescue took her to their regular vet for a check up, they did an x-ray because of her breathing, and it turned out Luna actually had a diaphragmatic hernia which was causing her intestines to lay in her chest cavity.

The next step on Luna's journey was to see a specialist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital to see if this could be fixed. Upon arriving, they ran Luna straight to an oxygen tank because of her breathing. One of the top surgeons said she has an 80% chance of surviving but the extensive surgery is going to take a huge hit on the Pitties and Pals rescue.

This 3-pound baby made it through the surgery, which cost over $5,000. It turns out all of her organs were basically in her chest (Her intestines, liver, and even part of her stomach.)

(Luna, photo from Pitties and Pals)

This precious pup is a fighter and still needs your prayers because she isn't out of the woods. But the wonderful vet said she is young and hopefully will be able to handle everything that has happened to her.

Pitties and Pals knows they made the right decision to save her and thanks everyone who has been making donations to help save Luna. And a big thank you to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital for giving Luna exceptional care.

Luna deserves a life where she will be loved. Please make any donation you can. No amount is too small. And please...pray for Luna.

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And for more info on the amazing rescue group Pitties and Pals, CLICK HERE.