Meet 8-year old Marel Hidalgo. Not only is he super cute and smart, but he has an amazing talent!

This awesome kid has been playing guitar and performing live since he was a pre-schooler. And this summer he has been invited back to the Rock& Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland! (Yep, he's been there before and they are huge fans of his!)

If you have attended festivals around our state, you may have seen and heard Marel play. Whether he's solo, with his full band The Stone Feathers or with a trio...this adorable kid hasn't even turned 9 yet (although he will soon.)

Marel is a happy, playful, super friendly, well-spoken boy, but when you put a guitar or banjo in his hands, he blows away most adults. He's got an amazing ability to handle classic rock solos as any world-famous superstar does!

His parents are great about supporting talent and raising him to be a wonderful young man. They are installing in him the values of helping others and donating his time and talent to great causes, too.

And this coming Monday evening, June 19th, from 5 pm - 7 pm, you're invited to a fundraiser at 10th Ave. Burrito Co. on Main Street in Belmar, as Marel and the Stone Feathers entertain you with their music and a buffet to raise money for their TWO trips to Cleveland this summer to play the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. (Adults $15, Ages 12-17 $10, Under 12 $5.)

There will also be plenty of other places this summer where you can see Marel and the band, including opening night of the Monmouth County Fair and the Latino Festival in Freehold. For a complete list of dates, CLICK HERE!

To learn all about Marel Hidalgo and the Stone Feathers, CLICK HERE!

And look for my son, Ben, as he starts playing some dates with the Stone Feathers this summer! More on that to come...


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