We all love the small town feel of so many places at the Jersey Shore, but did you know Monmouth County is home to three of the physically smallest towns in the state?

We are talking about the physical size of the towns, not their populations, and according to nj.com, three of the top 10 smallest towns in whole Garden State are right here in Monmouth County.

Here's where our little towns land in the top 10 smallest towns in New Jersey...

(10) Lake Como...the town we used to know as South Belmar is only .25 square miles. It's already been 16 years since the name change to Lake Como.

(3) Loch Arbour...this tiny Monmouth County town was once part of Ocean Township, and don't blink going through it. Seriously, don't blink or you'll miss it. It's one tenth of a square mile.

(1) Shrewsbury Township...yes, we are the home to the tiniest town in new Jersey. Now, we're not talking about Shrewsbury Borough, we're talking about the township. And it's physically the smallest town in the state. It's only .097 square miles.That is pretty tiny.

At one point, in the late 1600's, Shrewsbury Township was actually 1000 square miles big.  It was so big it included all of Ocean County, and now it's the tiniest town in the whole state. You can check out the rest of the list at nj.com.

We do love the small town life here at the Jersey Shore, and we do have some of the greatest small towns in the nation. and now you know which are the smallest towns around.

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