A Jersey Shore teen recently released a pamphlet to educate the public on how to treat people with disabilities so that others don't have to endure what he did.

His name is Timothy Rohrer and he is currently a thriving 18-year-old working a part time job at iPlay America and looking into colleges which did not seem possible ten years ago when he was diagnosed with autism.

"It was very difficult to be excluded by my periods," Rohrer said. "This made me feel depressed. I want to make sure people with disabilities have the same social opportunities as everyone else."

The pamphlet was just released this past November and it is titled: "How to be a Good Influence to People with Disabilities."

Word on the street is that this guide hits the nail on the head and local educators are suggesting that this be a required reading in all schools every April for Autism Awareness Month.

There are 10 simple pointers including #3: "Invite them to join our group of friends," which I think we can all agree could be applied to how we treat all people with disabilities.

Tim will actually be presenting his pamphlet in PowerPoint form at his school, Monmouth County Career Center in Freehold in four one hour sessions on April 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th.

Tim is an inspiration and single-handedly changing the world for those who are coping with disabilities.  It is one of those situations that we will never understand unless we experience and to come out on top making a difference is beyond admirable.

Take a look at the original article at APP.com where Tim explains why he wrote the pamphlet and how you can get involved.

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