There were a lot of changes made in New Jersey thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Two of these major changes could now permanently stay in the Garden State....and I'm pumped.

The first part has to go with those "To Go Cocktails" that became extremely popular during the peak of the pandemic.

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Businesses were given the temporary green light to sell and even delivery alcoholic beverages for extra revenue to help keep them afloat.

It was a great idea because no one wanted to physically sit in bars but everyone was drinking....while in sweats.

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I never thought I'd say this knowing our state but To Go Cocktails could become a permanent entity.


“Making to-go cocktails a permanent staple in the New Jersey food and beverage industry will assist restaurants with long-term stability while also allowing them to recover from pandemic limitations,” said Senator Gopal (D-Monmouth). “Such innovations reflect the business models adopted by some establishments in the wake of the pandemic.”

There are people who are still freaked out about going out in public due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and this new rule would help businesses to cater to possible new customers that otherwise would be missed.

The Whiskey Expert
The Whiskey Expert

Here are the rules and regulations restaurants, bars & other businesses must follow if they plan on selling alcoholic beverages to go:

The Rules & Regulations For To Go Cocktails In New Jersey

Ready for To Go Cocktails to become permanently legal in New Jersey? Here are the rules you would have to follow:

This is genius for the economy alone. I mean...grab a few to go cocktails and head to the beach!

But that is not all.

Watermark beverages Google Maps
Watermark beverages
Google Maps

The second new rule being suggested has to do with those pedicabs that are commonly used to transport people up and down our boardwalks.

According to, pedicab passengers would be allowed to ride while consuming alcoholic beverages.


In case you are not aware, a pedicab is a bike with seats attached in the back for passengers. They are also commonly called bike taxis.

Here are the rules and regulations that would come with it:

The Rules & Regulations For Pedicabs In New Jersey

Ready for pedicab passengers to be allowed to consume alcohol while riding in New Jersey? Here are the rules you would have to follow:

I feel like both of these new rules would achieve our main goal: to make the Jersey Shore the ultimate destination.

“By designating certain areas for individuals aged 21 and over to drink outdoors, we can ease law enforcement challenges, while allowing local establishments to expand their business, and also foster opportunities for new businesses like pedicabs to grow and prosper,” added Senator Gopal.

I know what you're this a recipe for disaster?

Court Jester
Court Jester

I personally don't think so. The people who don't know their limits will behave the same way out in public, at home and in the bars themselves.

I think it is a horrible idea to punish the many for the few.

Let's help out our businesses with this creative business endeavor that will benefit just about everyone.


Don't think so? Tell me why at

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