I had the recent pleasure of meeting Herbert Christopher Tobias, better known as TobiasEats. His personality is outstanding and I think he's someone who has a tremendous future in the culinary media world. He is simply an awesome dude who travels the state of New Jersey searching for the best restaurants with one thing on his mind, "how does this taste on a scale of one through ten." He is like a New Jersey version of Guy Fieri! HE IS THE JERSEY SHORE'S TASTE GURU.

TobiasEats has been helping restaurants, food trucks, and related establishments take their businesses to the next level by bringing their food, staff, and inner workings to life for prospective customers like never before. Highlighting restaurants in incredible detail and color, TobiasEats uses drone footage, food photography, and staff interviews to bring businesses to life. Working with businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and start-up restaurants, TobiasEats has become renowned for taking businesses on a food journey like no other with professionalism and expertise. You can learn more about TobiasEats by CLICKING THIS LINK! 

This is someone you definitely want to follow on social media! TobiasEats is fun, unique, and offers a tremendous inside look at local New Jersey eateries. His social media links are below:

I can't wait to be a special guest on one of his videos! Some awesome examples of his work are below:

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