What bothers you the most when you have company? Here are the top 4 responses.

So you're having house guests at your home for a special occasion. Here are the biggest pet peeves according to the latest survey:

70% of hosts say guests not bringing a gift is their biggest house guest pet peeve.

60% of hosts say they are bothered when those that came to their home as a guest did not send a thank-you note, email, or text.

30% of hosts get upset when guests use their toiletries. As Lou and I discussed on our morning show, anything that's not out on display is off limits! Don't go through someone's private bathroom cabinets or closets. And Lou says if the fancy, decorative soap is out...it's for show! Use the pump soap and leave the fancy bar alone, lol!

30% of hosts get offended when a guest doesn't at least offer to help out in the kitchen or ask if there is anything they can do.

What annoys you the most about entertaining and having guests at your home? For me it's the fear that they will scratch a surface, leave a stain, or break something!


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