Pat Monahan and Train came to visit the Point a while back, and I learned what a good sense of humor he has.

I was reminded of this little trick Pat Monahan played on me when I saw him perform this week on American Idol. (He was amazing by the way and seemed to be a great influence on the contestants he worked with).

So here's how the story went. It was a great day at the station as Train did an intimate performance for some very lucky listeners. They took pictures, signed some stuff and were basically awesome in every way.

I knew that my wife Diane was upset she couldn't make it to the station that day, so when I saw how nice they were, it gave me the courage to ask them to record a quick video saying hello to her.

I asked, and they said they'd be glad to do it, but Pat had a little something funny in mid. Check out the video to see what he did. And even though I could have gotten in a little hot water, I didn't!

Train's Greeting To Lou's Wife


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