There are a lot of traffic spots in Monmouth County that always seem to have traffic no matter when you are driving there. We have decided to focus on two of those spots today.

Let's start by saying these two areas of roadway in the spotlight today are certainly not the only bad traffic places in the County, not by a long shot. And spotlighting these two do not mean we consider them the worst traffic spots either.

We are simply spotlighting two of the places that make many of deal with high blood pressure and unusual vocabulary every time we go there. for whatever reason, any day and any time.

Let's get to the places we're talking about, and feel free to let us know the traffic spots that test your patience the most, and we'll try to spotlight those soon as well...

Route 36 heading into Long Branch...I understand this is a busy route, and I get the merging of a lane in the middle of it all, and all the people trying to get on from the shopping centers and Route 35. I get the logistics. But can there ever be a time you don't hit traffic here? The answer, in my experience is no.

Route 9 North Freehold to Manalapan...There are 100 reasons it happens. The point is, it always happens, and it seems the further north you go, the worse it gets.It's not like I'm offering a solution here. I'm just trying to vent a little.

These are just a couple of examples, and we're sure many of you agree. But we want to hear from you with the other Monmouth County traffic spots that have your blood boiling, your vocabulary expanding, and your fingers gesturing. Let us know in the comment section.

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