So, yes we are getting teased by the potential for a dusting of snow in spots in the middle of the day today. It's a big deal for the winter lovers among us.

This is clearly not a big weather deal. Our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says it's possible, but it's not going to amount to anything. Still, if you're dreaming of a White Christmas, this gives you some hope.

So, we thought it would only be right to do a little research to find out what weather people were saying about the possibility of a White Christmas. We looked at extended forecasts far and wide to see if we could find a forecast of snow for Christmas.

Dan Zarrow would be the first to tell you that extended outlooks are just that. Extended. As in a reach. But we checked it out for the fun of it anyway. We used Freehold as our test town since it's inland and has a better shot at snow than a coastal town. And here's what we found.

The folks at Accuweather are apparently not in the Christmas spirit. They are calling for precipitation in their outlook, but not the right kind. They say rain Christmas Day with a high of 40 degrees.

How about Weather Channel? Do they have a holiday tune in their mind as they project the weather for December 25th? Well, it turns out their extended forecast doesn't even include that date yet, but they do remind us the average daytime temperature on 12/25 is 40 degrees. That won't get it done.

A few weeks back, we shared the percentage of chances for a White Christmas, and they didn't make us feel Christmas-y either. But you never know. A lot of things can change in three week. We can dream. right?

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