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Lori Praydick Agnew, who was born and raised with her 3 sisters in Middletown, NJ, is struggling to fight off a third bout of breast cancer that has spread. Now her amazingly talented son has given us all a laugh as he tries to boost his mom's spirits.

(Lori Praydick Agnew with her husband and son Clay, photo from Lori Agnew)
(Lori Praydick Agnew with her husband and son Clay, photo from Lori Agnew)

Clay Agnew, originally from Monmouth County, is a 24-year old multi-talented producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist who now works out of the Nashville area. Many times he records songs that go straight to his mom's soul as she battles cancer, but this time around he wanted to make her laugh.

And, in the process, his video went viral and has succeeded in bringing a smile to everyone who has seen it.

Here it is for you. Enjoy, and share to help someone else laugh!

Clay's mom, Lori Agnew, is one of the Praydick sisters from Middletown. Three out of the four sisters have suffered from cancer. One, well-known local and beloved singer BethAnne Clayton, lost her battle with ovarian cancer just a couple of months ago.

This family has always believed that music heals, and now Clay's parody is helping lots of people who believe that laughter truly is the best medicine.

Clay, I am praying for your mom and your entire family. Losing BethAnne was hard enough, but these sisters can't stand the thought of another sibling fighting for her life and are keeping a strong faith that Lori will rally.

In Lori's words, "In the midst of the coronavirus and panic spreading worldwide, my son has used his wit and imagination to compose a parody to bring smiles to tens of thousands. Although this is a very serious situation, we all have a need for a little comic relief. Clay's composition really brightened my day. His voice just makes me happy!"

Since this third recurrence of her cancer, Lori has returned to a place that specializes in late-stage cancer that helped her last time around. This time there are lesions in her spine, shoulder, rib, liver, skull, and more. The special procedures that will be used to try and heal her are, unfortunately, not covered by insurance and will cost upwards of $100,000, on top of the hundreds of thousands that her family has spent through the past few years to fight this battle.

If you would like to make a donation, she can receive them through Envita Medical Center of America. For more info, email Hallie Torkelson: halliet@envita.com or call 480-795-6726.



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