We are all in New Jersey for our own specific reasons, and many of us love this crazy place we call home, myself included.

I was born on Staten Island, but have lived in New Jersey my entire adult life, and I love every minute of it. I love the Jersey Shore, I love the Garden State people, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

There is no doubt that we are surrounded by bad rankings, bad reputation and high prices, but there is much more positive things about the Garden State then most of the stuff we hear would lead us to believe.

When all is said and done, there are definitely some positive things out there abut our fine state, Did you know, for instance, we were named the 12th best state overall by US World & News & World Report?

And there are some very strong rankings associated with their research that you should be aware of. Let's not just focus on the negative. Check these rankings out...

Health Care. New Jersey is ranked a very strong #6 in this critical category.

Crime and Corrections. We also pull in with a very solid 6th ranking in this category as well.

Opportunity. New Jersey is in the top 10 on this one too, being ranked at #8.

Education. This is so important, and that is why it is awesome to know that New Jersey ranks #2 in the nation for education.

All of these rankings contributed to a very solid #12 overall on this list. Washington is the best state to live in and Louisiana ranked last this time around.

So, there you go New Jersey, some numbers we can be pretty proud of. We3're an awesome state, despite some pretty big issues, and we should be proud of the place we live in!

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