When it comes to the latest "Where Am I At The Jersey Shore", it's more about where I wish I was and when I wish I was there.

That probably doesn't make a lot of sense to you now, but if you figure out today's answer, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Consider that unusual sentence we started with as your first clue.

We do have some more clues for you of course. So check them out and let us know if you can identify exactly where I am at the Jersey Shore...

The place I'm at has been around for a long time, as a matter of fact, it opened up for business in 1928.

The place I'm at has what would clearly be described as a phenomenal ocean view. One of the best in all of Ocean County.

As I look around from this place, I see the addition to the area that arrived in 1991 that has become one of the greatest attractions this town has ever known. It's just yards from where I'm standing.

So there you have it, the latest clues in our most recent Where Am I At The Jersey Shore? By the way, the picture below is an absolute giveaway. Take your best guess and good luck!

Jenks Pavilion sign
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

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