Do you take your doggie to the store and on errands?

Meet Benny from Point Pleasant Beach. He's the adorable Cairn Terrior that I spotted shopping at Home Depot in Neptune recently.

This dog adores shopping with his human Mommy (Nancy). He looks around each section like he's a handy man (lol) and then settles down for a nap on his blanket in the bright orange shopping cart like he's in his living room rather than a warehouse.

I love it when stores let you bring in your dog. Granted, Benny is a type of service dog, but I have seen more than just pet stores that don't mind at all if you shop with your pet, although usually the pets I see are small enough to fit in the shopping cart or the teeny ones inside a shoulder bag.

Where have you found that are you 'allowed' to bring your beloved dog when you're out and about in our area?

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