It seems like everyone has their favorite.

Sure there are lots of grocery stores around. We'll check up on all of them...but this time around we'll focus on Shop Rite stores.

I just tried the Toms River World Class Shop Rite on Rt. 37 (a Saker Shop Rite) this week for the first time and was absolutely blown away by the size of it and the never- ending produce section and hot food selection.

They sell everything from bedding to an awesome selection of kitchenware there -- rivaling BJs for the prices on some stuff! This store is only about three years old.

I absolutely loved shopping there!!!

I also like the Shop Rite in Wall (Manasquan) on Rt. 34 because they recently updated the organic/healthy foods section and carry enough things to keep their shoppers happy considering that there's a new Whole Foods nearby. And if this Shop Rite doesn't have something you need, they are really good about taking requests and bringing in products that they know you would like to purchase.

When I am in the Aberdeen area, that Shop Rite is really awesome (and huge), too.

I even have very fond memories of the Shop Rites in Bayville and Lacey Township on Rt. 9....that's where I did all of my grocery shopping when my boys were little, and so I have warm and fuzzy memories of shopping in those two stores when we lived down that way. There used to be a big tree in the produce section of the Bayville store (owned by the Pulmutters) where they kids could walk inside of. And they would always give my boys a balloon each for free when we walked in.

The Shop Rite in Neptune is pretty good, too...I used to stop in there a lot when our radio station was on the Asbury Circle.

But the one Shop Rite that is in MAJOR need of an update is the one on Rt. 35 in Wall/Belmar. Enough said about THAT.

What's your favorite Shop Rite, and why?

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