I always have trouble deciding between these two looks -- which do you prefer on me? (See photo below).

When I had my hair blown out recently by my girl Destini at Styling Company in Belmar, I asked her to do one side straight and smooth with a slight bend, and the other side with loose curls. (Thank you for going to all that trouble, Destini!!!)

Do you like to wear your own hair pin straight, with a slight bend, or with some curl to it?

So. One photo, two looks. Which way do you think mine looks better, the left side of my hair or the right? When I get a blowout at Syling Company, I have trouble deciding because I love both looks! (PS that is why I LOVE the 'glam shot' above...when they did both my hair AND makeup and Gary Gellman of Gellman Images took the photo.)

(Liz Jeressi)
(Liz Jeressi)

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