Was it hot enough for you yesterday at the Jersey Shore? Temperatures were well into the 90’s and it felt like triple digits. And today isn’t going to offer much relief.

As a matter of fact, it will be so hot today that there has to be a discussion about breaking some kind of record. All of the excessive heat advisories have really focused on inland areas, and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on to see how close we come to a record today.

In the spotlight will be Freehold. The record for today’s date was an even 100 set on this date in 1999. That’s just the temperature, not the heat index, according to the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist.

So just how close will we get? We checked it out and it looks like we're expecting a high today of 96, which gets us closer than we’d like, but not high enough to break the record.

So how long does this oppressive heat last. It looks like the worst of it was yesterday and today, and things will return to more normal conditions after that.

Here’s how it’s looking over the next few days. We are expecting a break in this crazy heat, but not right away. Temperatures top out in the upper 80's or mid 90's right through Friday, but we are in the worst of it now. An excessive heat advisory will expire at 8:00pm tonight.

So please be extra careful in this unbelievable heat at the Jersey Shore today and take extra precautions if you are awaiting e to the heat. It’s summer at the Jersey Shore so, like everything else around here, we take the good with the bad.

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