Let's find out, I can't believe it but I know it would be perfect in the location where they want to build it.

The cafes seem to be very popular with a drive-thru. Starbucks is popular in stores such as Target and Stop & Shop. Starbuck's cafe' seems very, very convenient compared to parking the car and running into a store. The drive-thru cafes are fabulous for us on the go, especially for that morning coffee.

Where is the new Starbucks coming to in Ocean County, NJ?

Starbucks has been popping up in several places in Ocean County. Toms River, Forked River, and now a Starbucks Cafe' Barnegat? Let's hope the zoning board allows it.

Killeen/Temple, Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media
Killeen/Temple, Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

According to app.com, in the area on West Bay Blvd. and Sandpiper Drive, is where the Starbucks would go, drive-thrus are not allowed in this area. It would be a Starbucks cafe' with a drive-thru and outdoor seating. Will they change it or make an exception for Starbucks to move into this location? We'll have to wait and see from the zoning board.

The location in Barnegat would be perfect for all the commuters getting on the Garden State Parkway. It's the perfect location.

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I have a friend that lives off of Bay Boulevard that will love her Starbucks Cafe' hopefully coming to Barnegat. Barnegat has grown in several years. Lots of stores have been built, so why not a Starbucks.

There is a Starbucks in the Acme in Barnegat Township, would this make sense for residents to have a cafe' and drive-thru window? Would it be easier for you to go through a drive-thru for your morning coffee other than run into the Acme?

It seems like it would be a lot easier and save us some time. If we hear any more, we will let you know about the possibility of the new Starbucks coming to Barnegat.

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