It's called Creativity Lab and the options are endless for you or your kids! If you like arts and crafts, Etsy-type design, robotics, 3-D printing, fun coding games, and more. Here's a chance for your kids to mix fun with technology and creativity, and for adults to sip wine and make fun stuff!

Creativity Lab has just opened on Main Street in Belmar (across from the Rite Aid) and has some really cool and unique opportunities for fun...whether it's for your kids or for you and your adult friends!

I took my 14 year old over there last week to check it out, and he really enjoyed programming and running robots, creating a set of (useable) corn-on-the-cob holders on a computer and watching them be created before his eyes on a 3-D printer, learning how to program circuit boards to create electricity and have the power to turn a light on and off, and I created a really cute bag that I will give to my friend Franny on her birthday!

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

This place even has soldering to create really interesting projects -- the likes of which you have probably never heard of! Boys and girls alike are having so much fun and learning all that technology and coding can create, including moveable legos, Minecraft mods and more. There is something for every age group, including Girls STEAM (Science, Technology, Math, Engineering, Arts, Math).

Whether you want to create a really cool sign or decorate wine glasses or a shopping bag (BYOB to the adult events!)...or if you are looking for a new and unique summer experience for your kids (or an after-school experience once September hits) you should check out this new place, which is owned and operated by a Middletown high school tech teacher.

(Photo courtesy of Creativity Lab in Belmar)

The workshops for adults will constantly vary and be taught by unique artists so that you can take home something really cool for yourself or as a gift.

For week-long camps, the age ranges are elementary through high school.

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