Valentine's Day is here and we came up with a weird question. Would you go on a date with New Jersey?
Imagine if New Jersey was a guy or girl you just recently met. Would he check all the boxes and be someone you'd go on a date with? Let's think about some of the things we always hear that people are looking for in a potential date.

We asked around and apparently we would all like to date someone who is smart and fun, and let's be honest here for a minute, good looks and money aren't bad either. So, I took those qualities and researched if New Jersey would be a good "match".

Lets start with smart. We can definitely check that box, according to U.S. News & World Report, which ranks the Garden State as the smartest state in the nation.

How about fun? This one may make you think twice about dating New Jersey. WalletHub ranks us as the 33rd most fun state in America. Ouch.

Show me the money. This may make you smitten about New Jersey again. U.S. News & World Report says the Garden State is the 2nd richest state in the nation. But we think the #1 state, Maryland, is married.

But is New Jersey hot? Thrillist says, well, no we're not. They rank us the 41st most beautiful state in America. That's not exactly hot.

So, if you're looking for a not so fun, not so good looking, rich, smart Valentine, then apparently New Jersey is the guy for you.

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