It must be scary to write a book, short story, or poetry and then share your creation with the public. Local writers are putting themselves out there and I am happy to support them.

I have never actually been to a poetry reading or writer's showcase, but I LOVE to read and since there will be one author near and dear to my heart participating this time around, I figure it's about time I attend an event like this.

Project Write Now in Red Bank is dedicated to helping people of all ages become better writers as they gain the confidence, skills, and insight needed to reach their personal, academic, and professional goals.This non-profit provides a supportive yet challenging environment for writers to express their thoughts and ideas while developing their individual writing style.


This open mic night will be a lively evening of poetry and storytelling featuring the adult writers of their Writer's Institute. It's open to the public in case you would like to attend: this Thursday evening, (March 21st, 2019), at Wild Eye, 72 Bridge Red Bank from 7 pm to 9 pm.

If you haven't heard of Wild Eye, it's near the train station and Soul Kitchen and is a creative breeding ground that is dedicated to building a community around the arts and mindful thinking. Their shelves are filled with retail items that have been chosen with intention and passion. They believe in authentic, original goods that tell their own story, as well as the story of the creative minds behind them.

Having never heard of Project Write Now or Wild Eye, considering how much time I spend in Red Bank, I am super thrilled to experience both. and, P.S., The writer I am going to support is my sister, Jenny, whose talent knows no bounds.

And if you have a writer in your family, whether it's a child or adult, learn more about the incredible workshops offered at Project Write Now by CLICKING HERE.



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