There are some things you read online that just make your jaw drop, and for Jersey Shore residents, this might be one of those.

I was online and stumbled across this article for m the website Far and Wide from about a year ago. It was an interesting topic. They focused on what they thought the most underrated attraction and the most overrated attraction in each state.

Needless to say, I was curious what their answers to those questions would be for our beloved state. Let's start with the most underrated, because I tend to agree with them on this part of the answer.

The website suggested our state and federal parks are the most underrated. We do have some amazing parks in the Garden State, so there is no argument at all from me on this part of the conversation.

The overrated part is the part that got my blood boiling a little bit. And I think you won't be happy with it, either. Are you sitting down? You might want to, because I'm about to hurt your feelings. Just remember, these are not my conclusions.

Far And Wide says the most overrated attraction is the entire Jersey Shore. No, that's not a typo. It takes your breath away. Anyone who has ever spent more than a minute at the Jersey Shore or 5 minutes Googling it knows this is shocking.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so here's mine. We have some of the most beautiful beaches, most amazing boardwalks and the most fun attractions.

And if the only thing you know about the Jersey Shore is Atlantic City and an MTV show, you should make plans to spend some time here. I think your mind will change.

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