On a nice day in our neighborhood in Point Pleasant, Diane and I get to see a lot of our neighbors. Some are walking the dog, some getting home from work, some just pop out of their house just to say hello. We were just talking the other night about how lucky we are to have great neighbors. We all know it's not always that way. Years ago, I lived in an apartment, and  the upstairs neighbors walked around their apartment with shoes that must have been made of pure steel, and they also liked to drop heavy things at around three in the morning. Every morning. It's a helpless feeling. I didn't want to be "that guy" downstairs who knocked on the door to ask them to quiet down, but I also didn't want to be the guy who never got any sleep. I eventually moved out. Problem solved.

Whether you live in a private residence or you share a wall or ceiling with someone in a townhouse, condo or apartment, your neighbors can make your life awesome or intolerable or anything in between.

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