If you love the Jersey Shore and have always dreamed of retiring here, it seems to be getting harder each year to hold on to that dream.

The latest list of the best states to retire in is out for 2018, and I'll give you one guess as to how well New Jersey did. If you put your money on "really, really, really bad" then you are a winner.

The rankings are from the 2018's list compiled by wallethub.com, and this year the Garden State ranks #49 on the list of best states to retire. And in the category of 'affordability' we are dead last.

It's not that we're ever surprised about how expensive New Jersey is, but these lists do serve as a stark reminder that our beloved Garden State is becoming more and more difficult to be the place to choose for your golden years.

In case you're concerned about our neighboring states, New York is a little better at #40, while Pennsylvania is in at an impressive #14. And the top spot on the list, the best state to retire in, is Florida.

When it comes to New Jersey, it always seems to be about the money, and in this case the price tag associated with all the things we love about the Jersey Shore may be a bit too high down the road in our lives, and that's kind of sad.

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