You've just started your family, and you're thinking the Jersey Shore is a great place to raise kids, so it has to be a great place to retire right? Wrong.

The part about raising your family is true. The Garden State is a great place for your family to be. But if you dream about your kids having kids and then bringing your grandchildren over to your loving New Jersey home, that may be a dream you'll need to rethink.

Just check out the statistics and rankings that were just published by WalletHub. They don't exactly paint a pretty picture about retiring in the Garden State. As a matter of fact, according to their research, you couldn't pick a worse state for your retirement.

When all the data was compiled it was determined that the single worst state in the nation for retirement in 2021 is none other than the Garden State. I guess the only good news is that if you're not retiring for a while, there's still time for things to change for the better.

In the meantime, those retiring now find themselves in just about the worst place they could be from a retirement standpoint. And guess what the main culprit for putting us at the bottom of the ranking is?

If you guessed that we failed in the category of "affordability", then you would be correct. But we didn't just fail. We failed miserably, placing dead last in the category in the nation. So, I guess it's on us to take the time we have between now and our own retirement to get things changed around here.

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