If you thought a new decade would bring better news about retiring in the Garden State. you better think again.

If you think there is good news waiting in 2020 if your plan is to retire in New Jersey, we'd have to dig deep to find it. Here's one. New Jersey is not dead last in the research. If you only want good news, you should stop reading.

Here are some of the statistics that have made New Jersey the fourth worst state to retire in for 2020, according to WalletHub...

Adjusted cost of living...42nd

Health care facilities per capita...46th

WalletHub taxpayer ranking...38th

Elderly friendly labor market...37th


It's more bad news for the upcoming years for any of us who dream of spending our retirement years in the place that means so much to us right now. Here are the top 3 states in this year's list..

Florida #1

Colorado #2

New Hampshire #3

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