If you plan on having $1 million saved for your retirement, and you're planning on staying in New Jersey, you might want to start saving more.

You're not going to believe how long $1 million dollars in saving will last you in the Garden State. Here's a hint that may not exactly shock you. New Jersey is in the bottom 5th in the nation, according to gobankingrates.com.

We are ranked 40th to be exact, and that cool million will only last you 14.84 years here. To put that in perspective, the worst state in the country, Hawaii,  the same amount of money lasts 9.41 years, while the best state, Mississippi, it'll make it  20.92 years.

So, a million Mississippi dollars lasts over six years more than it would in the Garden State. That is a huge difference and should definitely be a cause for concern if you're planning on sticking around here for retirement.

And just to fill you in on neighboring states, Pennsylvania will get you nearly an extra 3 years out of that million, lasting 17.54 years, and in New York, it's even worse than here. They're ranked third to last and the money only lasts thirteen and a third years, which is, ironically, only one year less than New Jersey.

So these numbers might be a true test of how much you love the Garden State. Do you love it enough to continue to deal with our out of control cost of living through retirement? I think most people will make alternate plans.

There may be no better place than the Jersey Shore, but there are many that are cheaper, and that may be why so many people are leaving the Garden State. And that's a shame.

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