If you love the Garden State and are planning on retiring here, this may be a bit of unwelcome news.

When it comes to retiring in New Jersey, a recent study placed us squarely in the bottom 10 among all states. The rankings were compiled by thestreet.com, and the Garden State ranked 10th worst state for retirement in the nation.

According to the article, one of the biggest problems with retiring here is...let's all say it together now...taxes. There's our sales tax, inheritance tax (of up to 16%), and taxes on our pensions, just to name a few.

Add to that property taxes, congestion and the generally miserable mood of some New Jersey residents, and you don't exactly have a great recipe for relaxing golden years here in the Garden State.

For the record, the worst state in the nation for retiring, according to the report, is Rhode Island. And Hawaii is the second worst. Florida, Nevada and Maryland are among the best states for retirement.

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