Most people who live in New Jersey think they could never afford to retire here. That may not be completely true.

There are so many expensive things that hit your life, you might think that putting enough aside for a comfortable Garden State retirement nest egg is a milllion miles away, but according to Go Banking Rates, what you need here is not all that different from what you need in many other states.

They say you need $75,861.19 a year for a comfortable retirement in New Jersey. Now let's compare that to some other states...


New York...$84,035.62





So, clearly, some other states are a lot less strain on our retirement account than others, but I honestly thought New Jersey's tab would be much higher. Of course, there's nothing we can do about the congestion, traffic and jughandle. You can't really put a price on those, but they certainly don't help the cause.

In case you're wondering, Go Banking Rates places New Jersey as the 11th most expensive retirement state. Hey, we're not in the top 10. That's something.

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