The Jersey Shore would be a much more festive place this holiday season if we could all show a little more patience at some specific places.

It's a pretty weird time of year. Everyone is feeling good during this time of year, but things seem to change at specific places. So let's talk about the three places we seem to lose our holiday spirit.

Waiting on line. We all have a great time doing our shopping, but it all seems to change the minute we get on line. Then nobody moves fast enough, everyone's in a rush, and nobody is feeling the love.

In the parking lot. It's amazing that the same people who are singing carols in the store are cursing like a sailor in the parking lot.

On the roads. Of course the roads. It's Jersey right? But there is something very non-magical about the way we drive this time of year. Remember he sees you when you're sleeping and he knows when you're on the Parkway!

I'm sure there are other places, and we may even have to do a second edition of this list. I hope not. Let's just work on these three and see what happens!

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