We recently gave you 3 wishes Jersey Shore residents have for this summer. Since we published it, many readers like you reminded us there are some wishes for tourists this summer as well.

So to show our agreement with that assertion, we decided to present to you, and the tourists, 3 Wishes Jersey Shore Residents Hope Tourists Keep In Mind This Summer. Here they are.

Keep It Clean. I don't mean to sound like a parent talking to their teenage kids, but the Shore doesn't magically clean itself. Clean up your own mess.

You Don't Own It. I know you rented for a week, or a month or the whole summer, and we love that. Thank you! But remember, you didn't buy the whole Shore, so don't act like you own it.

Turn It Down. Sound travels at the Jersey Shore. Odds are, you are being louder than you think. Please, turn it down just a little.

I will say that a vast majority of tourists don't need to be reminded of these wishes, and as a matter of fact, are probably chuckling right along with us, but there are a small percentage who do need to be reminded. So, here's a gentle refresher.

Let's hope everyone considers these suggestions and let's hope we all have a fabulous Summer 2017!

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