Every time Jersey Shore residents head to to one of our beautiful beaches, we see something that makes us shake our heads. It leads us to have certain wishes we hope come true at the beach.

Every person who lives at the Jersey Shore hopes that everyone around them follows some general rules. So if you're not from around here and you're heading to one of our beaches, we hope you remember what the people around you are wishing for.

Here are three wishes Jersey Shore residents have when you visit a Jersey Shore beach...

Personal Beach Space...When we get to the beach at 6:00am and have a reasonable distance from those around us, don't show up at 10:00, climb over people, kick sand and try to squeeze in between people who've been there 4 hours. Next time get up a little earlier.

Don't Feed The Seagulls...I know you think the seagulls are cute, but do us a favor and eat your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich and don't start feeding it to the seagulls. You'll cause a scene as well as bringing the birds closer to my sausage and pepper sandwich, which I have no intention of sharing.

Easy With The Footballs And Frisbees...You see us there and yet you continue to make miserable throws that land on our towels and blankets. Just stop. We get it guys. You played on the high school football team and you worked out all winter. Now put a shirt on and put the ball down.

Just a reminder, these are not our only wishes. Not by a long shot, but it's a good start. Stay tuned for many, many more wishes in future posts.

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