This weekend had to rate as one the top February weather weekends in the history of the Jersey Shore.

So there was absolutely nothing wrong with daydreaming about summer here at the Shore and for that matter, thinking about plans for summer 2017 vacation. We asked you to give us a glimpse of your plans.

The topic of our question was basically distance. Just how far do you plan on traveling this summer? The answer most of you gave us would warm the heart of just about any Jersey lover out there.

When the voting was complete, an amazing 77% of those who responded said they are planning a stay-cation here at the Shore or even if they were leaving the Shore, were planning to stay in New Jersey.

The top vote-getter was stay-cation which received 46% of the vote while 31% said they weren't going to stay at the Shore, but were going to stay in the state for this summer's vacation.

Another 15% said they were traveling away from the east coast but staying in the U.S. and an additional 8% said they were leaving the state, but staying on the east coast.

It is early and there's time for minds to change about summer plans, but the first reaction from most in the Garden State is that it's going to be a Jersey kind of summer!

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