Now the the temperatures are rising at the Jersey Shore, how long will it be before tempers start doing the same trying to find a summer parking spot near one of our beaches or attractions?

As much as it pains us to talk about, there are a few things about summer at the Jersey Shore that really test our often tested collective patience, and summer parking spots are right up there on the list.

So where is the parking situation the toughest? Well, the broader answer is anywhere you can hear waves crashing or smell the salt water or see a boardwalk or hear a seagull, but today, we'd like to get a little more specific than that.

Today, we want you to cast a vote for the town that you think is the single toughest place to find a summer parking space at. We know there are plenty of choices, so we'll just throw a few of the most obvious out there because of their popularity, and also give you a chance to enter your own choice.

This is a double edged sword type thing because the tougher the parking, the more people are visiting and that means good news for local businesses which is great, but it's hard to just focus on that when you're making a 12 block walk to the beach with your family, right?

So cast your vote and we'll have the results soon, and remember, there's plenty of parking today. Enjoy it while you can!

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