Throwback Thursdays are so much fun so I thought I would do one for the 94.3 The Point family!  I think these are pretty darn cute and out of all of us I think Lou looks the most like his adult self!  Let's go retro...drumroll is our baby DJ Throwback Thursday!

94.3 The Point DJ Throwback Thursday Pics

Throwback Thursdays are so much fun so I decided to ask our 94.3 The Point family to share pictures of themselves when they were just baby DJs.

If someone told us all when we were little that we would get to grow up and be on the radio for a living would we even believe it?  I remember playing "radio" with my Fisher Price boom box!  I bet we were all just like this kid.


I also remember "playing commercial" when I was little too.  I would take products out of my mom's fridge, set them on the table and do commercials about the products.  LOL!  I would carry that recorder around and interview people too.

Do you think we are hard-wired to do the things we do as adults?  It is kind of crazy when you think about it.  I want to see your throwback Thursdays before and after!  Email them to and we may feature them online. Don't forget to include your town so we can say who you represent!

Here are some celebrity throwback Thursdays...I dug through their old yearbook photos.  See how many you can guess correctly.  Most people are getting about 10 of them correct but I bet you are pretty good!  Hint:  they are all from our great state of New Jersey.  Let me know how you do!

New Jersey Celebrity Yearbook Photos

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