I would never have known about this had I not randomly driven by.

The family that lives in this home on Pitney Ave. in Spring Lake has gone above and beyond what I could ever do in my front yard!

This is more than lights...and the way these lights were flashing, I knew there had to be more to it than JUST lights...so I went back when my son was in the car and, upon closer inspection, we realized that this family went so far as to get a RADIO signal so that they could simulcast and synchronize their Christmas light display to holiday music on the radio!

The sign for the radio station is posted on the front lawn so that you can tune in as you approach.Playing all holiday music, there's even a radio announcement between songs welcoming anyone who stops by along with a polite reminder to be respectful of the neighbors and not block their driveways.

If you are in that area it is fun to drive by and see how creative this display is, considering it's just someone's home...and they went through a lot of trouble to even get their own radio station to go along with the display!

There are a ton of different songs, all synchronized to the beat and with different patterns for the windows, trees, etc. Really awesome job to the family that did this.....but I wonder how the neighbors feel about it? I would love it!

I hear that this display has been around for years...yet there are still locals like me who never discovered it until now!

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