Baseball is America's pastime, and whether you're checking out a Little League game, hangin' out with Buster and the Lakewood Blueclaws, or heading into NYC or Philly to watch the Majors, this time of year you can watch baseball at any level.

But what if you could watch it in a different time?

No, I have no invented a time-traveling device. Yet.

Baseball Game
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The Historic Allaire Village is hosting a 19th Century base ball (yes, two words) game reenactment this Saturday, May 17th.

The home village team, the Bog Iron Boys will play the Hoboken 9, using no gloves, incredibly good manners, and rules from 1864.

Some of those different rules? If a ball is hit into the outfield and bounces once before being caught, the hitter is still out. An out is called a hand. A hit is an ace. And the pitchers throw underhanded.

The players all go by nicknames, and the trash talk is...not very trashy.

It's a cool way to see some of the ways the game used to be different...and how a lot of it is the same as it is today.

It's pretty cool to think about how people 150 years ago were doing more or less the same thing we do today.

After you enjoy the game, you can check out the Historic Village for some truly old-school kids games, craft shops, and more.

Tickets are $5 each, kids under 6 are free. The event runs from noon - 4 p.m. at 4263 Atlantic Avenue in Farmingdale within Allaire State Park.

Bring a blanket, bring the kids, and spend a day doing something a little different!

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