Two local organizations are teaming up to launch a new program to help those who have found themselves without a job.

Interfaith Neighbors has teamed up with Monmouth County Workforce Development to launch a new training program that will help those who are unemployeed develop the skills they need for a new career.

The program is called Level Up and it's designed to support our business community and, at the same time, get residents back to work!

Local businesses are being asked to volunteer as Employment Training Sites for this new Level Up Work Experience Program...and the companies won't have to pay the employees...those in training will instead by paid by Level Up.

Here's what Level Up will provide to the businesses that allow people to come in and train for a job:

-- Level Up will send the participating businesses trainees who have a positive attitude; they will be motivated and eager to work for the company.

-- Level Up will pay all of the trainees' wages while they work for that business.

-- Every employee who participates will also be receiving intensive Level Up personal and professional development training so that they will become a valuable member of the business they are working for.

-- Level Up will provide a Program Specialist to support the business throughout the training cycle.

Participating employers are asked to allow 1 or 2 participants to train for and work in a position within the business for 12 weeks, and to designate a supervisor who will communicate with Level Up's program specialist about the participating employees' progress

If you would like more info in order for your business to participate, or, if you would like more info because you find yourself out of work and would like to see if you can take part in this work program, CLICK HERE.

And see what else Interfaith Neighbors is doing HERE.

We would like to thank our friends at New Jersey Natural Gas for supporting Interfaith Neighbors and for bringing this new workforce program to our attention so that we can share it with you. Tom Hayes and NJNG make it a priority to be  involved in our community and support amazing organizations like this one. CLICK HERE for more info on what NJNG is doing to help those in need.

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