It's been next to forever since I've played Pong and Asteroids. But that's not where I scored my new highest ranking!

Last evening, after hearing about it for years, I finally took my kids to the Silverball Museum Arcade in Asbury Park. And we had the best time!

If you haven't done so yet, this is an amazing way to spend a few hours with your kids...and a great way for you to bond over video games and pinball machines from YOUR generation!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed seeing an authentic Atari video game system and really had a challenge in working the buttons for Asteroids. It may have been the simplest of graphics on both that and Pong, but they still really appreciated that it wasn't NEARLY as easy as it looked!

I also spent MANY summers playing Centipede in the arcades of Seaside and Pt. Beach's boardwalks, and was able to prove to my sons that I can still beat 'em at something! I got my initials (LLZ) on the scoreboard : )

centipede score
(photo by liz jeressi)

There's also something to be said for the feel of a classic pinball machine...brought back amazing memories of afternoons at the bowling alley where I grew up.

So although you may scoff at the time your kids spend at home on their games, this place is one where you can play together at something YOU used to love!

Hours and prices vary, but we found that Sunday evenings are a really great deal. And the bonus, of course, is looking out over the ocean between games : )


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