We are going to test you once again in our series of historic Jersey Shore buildings. Can you name our latest subject?

Today's quiz is a little different. We have recently focused on buildings with rich history, like the Asbury Park Firehouse and the Berkeley Hotel. Today's building is less from the history department and more from the local pop culture department.

While the building in the photo apparently does not have the rich history of some others we've featured, it is certainly rich in it's popularity. So here are three clues about the building in the photo and in the spotlight.

(1) You feel and look better driving away from this place than you did when you drove to it.

(2) It's a post-snow Jersey Shore tradition

(3) It's in Monmouth County, but people travel from far and wide to wait in one of it's two lines.

I would venture to say that if you've been there, and most of us have, you already know what it is. Enter your guess and we'll have the official answer soon! Good luck!

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