Were you able to name the Monmouth County Town? We gave you some clues, and now it's time to give you the answer.Let's recap the clues from yesterday, to give you one last chance to give it a try this time around.

A carpenter was the first to purchase the land.

It was named after that landowner’s hometown in England (minus an ‘e’)

The Turnpike is now an Avenue

The carpenter was a guy named Thomas (Whyte) White and he purchased 500 acres of land in the late 1600's that would be named after his hometown of Deale, Kent County, England.

That leads us to the second clue. Drop the last "e" and you've got the name of the town in the spotlight.

And as for the third clue, back in 1863 there was a petition to build a road through the town, then known as the Long Branch/Deal Turnpike. The road is now known as Norwood Ave.

By now you already know the answer. The town we're talking about is Deal. Congratulations if you got this one right. This was a tough one.

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