We recently put your Monmouth County history knowledge to the test with a Name The Monmouth County Town question.

It's time to find out how well you know the area. Let's see if you got this one right. First we'll review and explain those clues we gave you.

Clue #1  Drinking and bread. When you break up the name of this town, the meaning of the Lenape Indian words are drinking and bread

Clue #2  Phebe Perrine. This town was officially formed on March 9, 1848 at Phebe Perrine's Tavern in Englishtown.

Clue #3  A great place to live. That is this town's slogan.

Now that you know all that, is it becoming more clear to you? Well, the correct answer is Manalapan. Congratulations if you got that one right! You really know your Monmouth County history!

Learn more about the history of Manalapan.

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