Do you think you could pass a Monmouth County history quiz? This trivia question could give you an indication of how you'd do.

We gave you three historical clues about a Jersey Shore town and asked you to identify that town. In case you missed it, let's recap the clues and give you the explanation...

A Kidd who was an adult. Captain William Kidd reportedly visited in 1679 and stayed long enough to bury some treasure which was never found.

William Bradner didn’t want it to be named after him. Bradner bought over 50 acres of land here but ultimately didn't want to suggest the town be named after him  so the area was named after another named after another investor.

Ocean Park was once it’s name.  The town had to change this name because the post office said it was too similar to Oceanport.

Let's add to all of that the fact that the investor's name the town was eventually named after was James A. Bradley and the answer becomes crystal clear. We're talking about Bradley Beach.

We got these facts from, and there are a lot more really interesting facts there about Bradley Beach if you want to check it out!

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