Monmouth County history buffs, it's time to give you the answer to the latest "Name The Monmouth County Town".

Do you  think you got it? Well, let's recap the clues we gave you last week, along with a brief explanation of each. Here we go.

Clue #1 It all started with iron. Early settlers of this area in the mid 1600's realized there was an abundance of local bog iron and saw financial potential, so they started an ironworks business.

Clue #2 Lewis Morris. At some point, the ironworks  business needed the financial and political support of Lewis Morris to help it succeed.  

Clue #3 Mineral Springs Hotel. It was a boarding house opened in 1838 by a descendant of Lewis Morris.

It was a tough one for sure, and if we gave you the name of the ironworks company, it would have become a real easy one. We didn't...until now. It was called Tinton Manor. So there you go. We were looking for Tinton Falls.

If you want to get more info on the history of Tinton Falls, please visit the Tinton Falls website.

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