Yesterday we asked you a Jersey Shore town Trivia question and now it's time to see if you got it right.

Let's review the three historical clues we gave you yesterday and fill in the blanks a bit for you. Here are the clues we gave you to work with and a bit of an explanation for each.

Wilburton by the Sea (it is now the Breakers Hotel)

Hastings Square (where the Essex & Sussex Condominiums are now)

Tuttle  (Both Joseph and C. Wilbur Tuttle were considered pioneers of the early progress in this Shore town)

With the additional information added to these clues it becomes very apparent which Jersey Shore town we are referencing here, and it's one of the most beautiful towns in all of the Jersey Shore.

Now, all that's left is making it official. The correct answer to our latest Jersey Shore Town Trivia question is Spring Lake.

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