I think we work hard in New Jersey, and I bet you do, too. But according to a recent study, we don't work as hard as dozens of other states.

Wait. What? It seems like all we do in the Garden State is work and work and work, so how could we rank somewhere in the middle of the nation when it comes to hard working states?

Well, the folks at Wallet Hub looked at many factors, including direct and indirect work, highest and lowest workweek hours, highest and lowest employment rates and other  factors to determine the rankings.

When all was said and done, New Jersey landed pretty much in the middle, ranking 25th in the nation. I know a lot of hard working New Jersey residents who will have a hard time agreeing with that.

For the record, the hardest working state in America is Alaska, and the least hard working state is Michigan. You can get all the details on the research and the rankings at Wallet Hub.

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