As soon as the invitation to Liz and Nancy to come to my house for a barbeque came out of my mouth, I regretted it. Wasn't 5 hours a day enough? Turns out we actually had fun.

Of course, as I was grilling, cutting vegetables, setting the table and serving drinks, they chipped in by talking, and talking and talking. To each other of course. I was simply the waiter. But that's ok. I was hosting, so that's how it should be.

Keeping busy was my secret weapon, and it was a good game plan. The more I was doing, the less I had to get involved in the "chit chat" that, ultimately, was the reason this lunch took 11 years to happen.

Once the food was cooked and the eating began, the chit chat continued. Hearing things like, "so tell me everything" and "you're not going to believe THIS" led me to pop open a Corona even though it was only 11:00am. If there was ever a Corona emergency, this certainly was it.

Liz and Nancy at the Tiki Bar
Liz and Nancy at the Tiki Bar (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

Turns out they had no intention of including me in the conversation which was a relief. I ate, nodded and just enjoyed the peace and quiet of not being included. Then it happened. They turned to me and started talking...TO me. I immediately checked my watch to see how much of a corner I was backed into. 11:03am. Uh oh.

Turns out we had a decent conversation. After 11 years, we were socializing. Wow. Now I'm really looking forward to summer 2018, when I hope we do it again. :)

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