Whether you like pork roll or sausage, or egg or cheese, breakfast sandwiches are best enjoyed during the summer at the Jersey Shore. A couple of years ago Matt Ryan told us about the Jersey Shore's best bagels. Today, I've uncovered some of the best breakfast sandwiches.

Here are some of the best places to get your greasy fix:

  • 1

    Bagels and Beyond

    Long Beach Island

    For those of us in the Long Beach Island area, this is a great place to get all kinds of breakfast sandwiches. Steak and eggs, pork roll and cheese or even peanut butter and jelly.

  • 2

    New York Water Bagel Co.

    Toms River

    Home of the Insanewich and the best place to stop for pork roll, egg and cheese on a fresh everything bagel on the way to the beach.

  • 3

    Belmar Cafe


    With your choice of white, rye, whole wheat bread, hard roll or wrap. It's an un-bagel way to enjoy your morning.

  • 4

    Oh What A Bagel!


    OWAB (o-wab) as we like to call it is one of my favorite spots to grab my breakfast. Ever try sausage and egg on a French Toast bagel?

  • 5

    Bagel Station

    Red Bank

    If you're from the Red Bank area then you've definitely heard of Bagel Station. They've been around for over 30 years and are located right near the train station.

  • 6

    Terrace Bagels & Cafe


    The best place to go if you're in Freehold and need a greasy morning fix!

  • 7


    Asbury Park

    Located on the Boardwalk in Asbury Park you can soak up some sun and some grease. They serve breakfast until 12pm and have other great sandwiches throughout the day!

  • 8

    Sunrise Cafe II

    Seaside Park

    Located right above the Sawmill with a beautiful view of the beach. It's a great spot to get some awesome breakfast sandwiches before a day at the beach.

  • 9

    Manhattan Bagel

    This franchise finds locations all over the Jersey Shore and is a favorite. It's a classic spot to get great breakfast on the go!

  • 10


    You can grab a tasty sizzli at any time of the day. On a bagel, english muffin, or even in between two pancakes! Also, for a limited time during Hoagiefest you can get a breakfast hoagie! After all, it is America's favorite convenient store!