Cinco De Mayo is coming up fast...if you want to celebrate with something yummy, here's my top compared to the favorite places of my kids, which are WAY different, lol.

If you ask my boys where they prefer their burritos from, you'll get these top picks:

1. Chipotle

2. Surf Taco

3. Bubbakoos

Plus, they are really looking forward to a new Mexican restaurant coming to Wall Township called Panchero's Mexican Grill, which you can read about HERE.

Meanwhile, there is one place that my boys and I can agree upon for great Mexican food, and my girlfriends and I can agree upon for Margaritas, and that is:

From the atmosphere, including their outdoor dining area and live music, to the food, drinks, and desserts, this is just an awesome place. And of course they will be ready for you on Cinco De Mayo with a celebration from 11 am - 8 pm! CLICK HERE for all the details on that!

I know YOU must have a favorite Mexican restaurant in Monmouth County, so please tell us what you love!

Meanwhile, for some great places to celebrate Cinco De Mayo in Ocean County, CLICK HERE!

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