Do you think you can name the 3 longest names for towns or municipalities in Monmouth County? It might be tougher than you think.

Before you rattle off your guesses, there are some rules you'll need to know about. We are not counting the words "borough" or "township" in the total letters in the name of the town.  We know those words are a part of the official name, but for this exercise, we won't count them.

As always, we're asking that you try to do this on your own. No googling, researching or asking your spouse. Alright you can ask your spouse, partner, friend, family member or co-worker, but stay off Google!

The only other rule is that the place must be a part of Monmouth County. We know you knew that, but we wanted to be perfectly clear. We are going to count multiple name towns and even directional words (North South etc.) if it's part of the name.

Now here are some clues...

Two of the top three towns have a 3 word name...

The other town in the top 3 has 2 words in the name.

There is a two way tie for the longest Monmouth County town name.

We researched this pretty well, but if somehow we missed a local town with a longer name than these, please let us know. Here they are, what we believe to be the longest town or municipality names in all of Monmouth County...

#3 West Long Branch (14 letters)

#1 (T) Spring Lake Heights (17 letters)

#1 (T) Atlantic Highlands (17 letters)

We used a list found at the New Jersey State Library website as the source for the complete list of Monmouth County municipalities. And then we used a panel of esteemed letter counters (actually just me) to count the letters.

I think I got it right, but let me know if I missed something.

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